Shining Lights for God!

GOD PAUSE: In my reading through the Bible every year, sometimes the Old Testament and New Testament passages will say something similar. It's like God repeating himself to me. Isaiah said that my life will shine with the glory of God in a very dark world. And then Paul said in Philippians 2:15 “Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.” Dear Lord, your presence and glory in our lives truly shines out. May people around see the difference you make in our lives. Let us live today as my friend ends his prayers 'Lord, help us be shining lights for You.' Amen and amen.

Never Forget

GOD PAUSE: While it may not be healthy to live in the past, it is good to never forget where you came from. God says for you and me to never forget the rock from which we've been cut, nor the quarry from which we've been dug. Be grateful from where God has brought you. Remember where you were when he came to you? Isaiah 53:6 reminds us “We’re all like sheep who’ve wandered off and gotten lost. We’ve all done our own thing, gone our own way. And God has piled all our sins, everything we’ve done wrong, on him, on him.” Dear Papa, we do remember how we used to be. The path we used to travel. The lostness we were living. But, oh how thankful that You came to us. And rescues us. And now lead u

The "Big 3" of Relationships

GOD PAUSE: There is no doubt that Jesus on the inside brings change on the outside. And one of the biggest changes that happens is how we interact with or treat people, especially those closest to us. The Bible gives you and me “the big three” in how to walk holy toward others --- “Be humble. Be gentle. Be patient. Tolerate one another in an atmosphere thick with love.” (Ephesians 4:2). Lord, my friend and I need to walk in Your love BIG time! A holy life is a life so noticeably different. We will put others first. We will have a tender gentleness instead of harshness. We'll be able to love those who try our patience. Grant it in Jesus' name! Amen. (Why not brighten someone's day by sharing

Armed and Ready

GOD PAUSE: I've always loved the story of King Cyrus in the Bible. He is a picture of God working in a person even before knowing Him. What a picture of God's love and plan for you and me! Isaiah 45:5 says “I am the LORD, and there is no none else. There is no God except Me. I will embrace and arm you, though you have not known Me.” The heart of the Lord is to track you down, even drawing you to know Him. And once He embraces you in His welcome, he will equip and arm you for the work He has for you to do. His plan for your life is to somehow bless others. And in that process, they will come to know who God is. Dear Father, thank you for your welcoming embrace. And thank you for preparing us

A Bruised Reed

GOD PAUSE: In the days of Jesus, reeds would grow along the banks of the river. They'd be used to make useful baskets. In the the process of picking the reeds, a person might come across a bruised one, so it would be tossed away. Describing the life of Jesus, Isaiah 43:2 says “What is bruised and bent, he will not break; he will not blow out a smoldering candle. Rather, he will faithfully turn his attention to doing justice.” Dear Lord, everyone matters to you. There are no throw-a-ways in your eyes. No one is discarded or tossed aside. Everyone has value. We are all special to you. May we live that way, too. Amen and Amen. (Why not brighten someone's day by sharing this?)

In His Hands!

GOD PAUSE: “Good Morning!” my dear friend! I pray you have a day packed full of God's good things. I wanted to share a verse with you right now that shows how much He loves and cares for you. It's found in Psalm 66:9. Here's what it says. “There's no doubt about it. God holds your life in His hands. He's the one who keeps you faithfully following him.” Be blessed on your journey of life today, remembering that you are in God's protective hands. And it is His strength and help that causes you to faithfully follow him as your shepherd. Not only it the path ahead of you secure, so are your footsteps along the way. Your heavenly Papa's got you! (Why not brighten someone's day by sharing this?)

A Fallen Soldier

GOD PAUSE: God has lovingly put you and me in a community of faith. And that gives us such a strong reality of belonging. And it also gives us the reality that we are our brother's keeper. I was just reading in Galatians 6:1 that says “If anyone is caught in any sin, you who are spiritual --- that is, you who are responsive to the guidance of the Spirit --- are to restore such a person in a spirit of gentleness, not with a sense of superiority or self-righteousness,” Dear Papa, far too often the Christian army shoots its own wounded. You have called us to reach out and restore a fallen soldier. We need to keep our critical comments to ourselves. And help us to put the fallen one back on the

A Radical Love

GOD PAUSE: Growing up, I didn't find it hard to love my Dad and Mom. Why? Because they loved me. It's a lot like God that way. Because of His incredible love to me, I can easily love Him in return. But, when it comes to people --- ah yes, there comes the real challenge. But Jesus Himself calls us to the challenge of loving our neighbors, even if they don't love or treat us in the opposite way. Jesus says to love like our heavenly Papa. He blesses those who don't even love Him. Dear Lord, you call me and my friend to a radical kind of love. So we need Your help. We will live in that love to those around us today. And just maybe that might open up some eyes to the reality of You. Amen and amen

The Brilliance of God's Face

GOD PAUSE: A very BIG “Good Morning!” to you! I am so glad to spend this minute with you at the beginning of our day. I just want you to know that you are blessed. God says in Psalm 89:15 “How happy are those who have learned how to praise You; those who journey through life by the light of Your face.” As you and I start out on today's journey, let's begin with grateful hearts and expect God's good things. Dear Papa, we shout “Hallelujah!” for a brand new day. We celebrate it! And we are blessed to go step by step in the light of Your face. Your brilliance shines all around us. You make all the difference. Amen. (Why not SHARE this word of encouragement today?)

All is Well. God is Here.

GOD PAUSE: Despite what you are going through right now. No matter the battle that is going on in your mind and thinking. Regardless of your feelings of loneliness. Even dealing with the spirits of worry, depression or helplessness. God says to you “It's okay. I am right here with you. Let my Presence be all the peace that you need.” God is watching over you. Dear Papa, you are in control. Over everything. Over me. And so, I trust You. I am okay because I rest in Your covering of peace. All is well. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in you.” So says Isaiah 26:3. Amen and amen. (Why not SHARE this word of encouragement today?)

Where Could I Go?

GOD PAUSE: I remember the words of an old hymn that says “Where Could I Go But to the Lord?” In the Bible, David faced my challenges. Engaged in many battles. And faced at times overwhelming obstacles. But he understood something deep in his heart. He knew that God was His only true source of help. He writes in Psalm 60:11 “Give us a father's help when we face our enemies. For to trust in any man is an empty hope.” If you're like me, you don't want to slip into the quagmire of going anywhere else for help except to our heavenly Father. Dear Papa, in this journey of everyday life, may we always run to you for help. May we declare victory because You are our Father and help. Amen and amen. (Wh

The Miracle of YOU!

GOD PAUSE: I want you to know that YOU are a miracle! Just like Paul in the Bible, you are a recipient of God's marvelous grace. Jesus Himself has miraculously revealed Himself to you! And, praise God, your life has never been the same since. Like Paul, you were headed on one course and Jesus showing up turned it around. It was a spiritual 180! The Lord has set your feet on a wonderful adventure of loving and following after Him! The change God has made in your life puzzles some people, causing them to think it's not real. But you know better. It's not a passing thing. Galatians 1:24 says “And so they praised God for the miracle He did in my life.” I say let the miracle of YOU shine out to a

Shelter in the Storm

GOD PAUSE: One of the things I'm sure you have found about God is this --- He is always on time in what He does and in what He says. The Lord is faithful to give us a “word” right when we need it most. His timing is impeccable. Knowing that there is a literal storm --- a hurricane --- positioned to do great damage on our eastern shore, this morning I read in Psalm 57:1 that says “Be good to me, God --- and now! I've run to you for dear life. I'm hiding out under your wings until the hurricane blows over.” Dear Papa, You will be the great protector to those who are in harm's way right now. Thanks for being there, right on time. Amen. (Why not SHARE this word of encouragement today?)

The Tide is about to Turn!

GOD PAUSE: Though you may not see it right now, things are about to change in your life and in your current circumstances. I'm talking about change for the better. The tide is about to turn. Deliverance is not just a story to read in the Bible. It will be a reality for you soon. Hear what the Lord says right now in Psalm 56:9 --- “The very moment I call to You for a father's help, the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee. This one thing I know --- God is on my side!” Oh, You are our Papa, Lord. You are our deliverer. And You are on Your way to make a difference! The tide is about to turn in Jesus' mighty name! Amen and amen! (Why not SHARE this word of encouragement today?)

Through It All

GOD PAUSE: During his lifetime, David sure had his share of challenges, struggles and battles. Some of them were of his own doing. But most were not. Pretty much like you and me, don't you think? But in Psalm 55:22, David says something that reminds of the song “Through it All.” He writes “So here's what I've learned through it all. Leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the Lord, and measureless grace will strengthen you.” Oh dear Papa, that verse is surely my and my friend's story. All through our days, You have been our strength. And we are so blessed to lay down all of our worries and cares at Your feet. May we continue to do that --- even today. Amen and amen. (Why not SHARE

I Need a Fresh Vision of God!

GOD PAUSE: I'll admit that quite a bit of what I was reading in my Bible today was hard for me to grasp. I even found it difficult to make some type of application to my life. But then something I read did grab my attention. I realized that when a person gets a fresh vision of God, his or her behavior is changed. Isaiah got a vision of God and said “Every word I’ve ever spoken is tainted, blasphemous even! And the people I live with talk the same way, using words that corrupt and desecrate. And here I’ve looked God in the face!” Dear Lord, do a deep, lasting, inward work in my life. In the brilliance of connecting with You, may everything unclean, harmful and ugly in Your eyes be burned out

Always Listening. Always Ready.

GOD PAUSE: I don't know of any greater privilege or more important blessing than that of being able to bring something to God in prayer. To know that His ear is attentive and his heart ready to respond. One of my favorite prayer verses is found in Hebrews 4:16 where it says “So let us step boldly to the throne of grace, where we can find mercy and grace to help right when we need it most.” My dear friend, Jesus had made the way for you to come right to the Lord in your time of need. He's there waiting for you. And his answer is always well-timed. No need is too big or too small. Be blessed as you talk to Him about it today. (Why not SHARE this word of encouragement today?)

Things Are About to Change!

GOD PAUSE: I want you to know that there is a wind of God about to blow in your life. God describes it in Song of Solomon 2:13. “Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blossoming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, 'There is change in the air.' Arise and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with Me.” My dear friend, God is speaking that over your life. Things are about to change for you and in you. Believe it and receive it. Lord, let it be so in Jesus' mighty name. (Why not SHARE this word of encouragement

Pull the Trigger!

GOD PAUSE: You may very well be in a place in your life right now where you need to take a risk. You have a desire in your heart to do something, but you have been looking at the circumstances or present condition long enough. Don't wait any longer. Just because things don't look favorable, pull the trigger anyhow. Take a leap of faith and trust things will work out well. Ecclesiastes 11:4 says “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” The Bible says a farmer will never reap a harvest if he is always looking at the clouds for favorable weather. So, Lord, with Your help, my friend and I will be risk-takers. We won't be content to sit back and wait for perfect con

What to Do with your Bible

GOD PAUSE: Well, this morning, the Lord gave me a gentle reminder of the place His words need to have in my life. Proverbs 22:17-19 says “Pay attention and listen to the sayings of the wise. Apply your heart to what I teach, for it is pleasing when you keep them in your heart and have all of them ready on your lips. So that your trust may be in the Lord. I teach you today --- even you.” Papa, my friend and I need the fresh bread of heaven today. Our ears are ready to listen. And our hearts are ready to walk it out. Our lips will speak your words over our lives and path. Even today. Papa, we put all our trust in you. Amen and amen. (Bless someone today by sharing this GOD PAUSE.)