Who's the Greatest?

GOD PAUSE: So earlier today I'm reading about Jesus' disciples arguing who is the greatest among them. And then Jesus gives them a picture to show them. The Bible says he put a child in the middle of them all and wrapped his arms around in a tight hug. Then He said “Whoever welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me. And whoever welcomes me welcomes not only me, but the one who sent me” (Mark 9:37). Dear Lord, my friend and I struggle sometimes with comparing ourselves with others. And that can lead to jealousy and being judgmental. So please help us to love on others the way you show us in Your life. Amen and amen.

Karma or God ?

GOD PAUSE: This morning, I was reminded of God's principle of sowing and reaping. Now some may mistakenly call it some sort of karma. But God does connect how we live with what we get in this life. For instance in Psalm 41:1 it says “God always blesses those who are kind to the poor and helpless. They're the first ones God help when they find themselves in any trouble.” Pretty awesome, don't you think? It's like when you reach out your hand in ways to bless or help others, God will reach out His hand to help you in return when you need it. Dear Lord, may I and my friend always be ready to reach out and help others. And you in turn will do the same for us. Amen and amen.

How Dependent We Are!

GOD PAUSE: Have you thought lately about how much you need the Lord? I was just thinking of the words of the song that says “more than the air I breathe, more than the song I sing, more than the next heartbeat, more than anything.” David says in Psalm 40:17 “Lord, in my place of weakness and need, I ask again --- will you come and help me? I know I'm always in your thoughts. You are my true Savior and hero, so don't delay to deliver me now, for you are my God.” Dear Papa, my friend and I know so well how much we need you. How dependent we are on you. So without any hesitation, we call out to you to come help us. We know you'll be on time. Amen and amen.

It's the Power of Love!

GOD PAUSE: “Good Morning!” my dear friend. May you be blessed by a loving Father as you start off your day. I was just thinking about the tremendous power of love. The power of God's love that lifts us up out of the mess and empowers our steps. And the love that can find way to break through when division and hatred separate people. Proverbs 10:12 says “Hatred keeps old quarrels alive, but love draws a veil or covering over every insult and finds a way to make sin disappear.” Dear Papa, how we need to walk in your love! Situations and relationship will never change until we do. May your love empower me and my friend to find ways to bring the healing and the restoration. Amen and amen.

He Is Willing to Heal!

GOD PAUSE: In the Bible, leprosy was a terminal skin disease that shut off its victim from family and society. A contaminated person would have to shout “Unclean! Unclean!” so people would not come near. But in Matthew 8:2,3 the Bible says “Suddenly, a leper walked up to Jesus and threw himself down before him in worship and said 'Lord, you have the power to heal me, if you really want to.' Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper and said 'Of course I want to heal you. Be healed!' And instantly, all signs of leprosy disappeared!” Dear Lord, what a story of Your heart toward all of us. We are not outcasts, but are people you bring healing and wholeness to. What an awesome Papa you ar

God Will Take Care of You

GOD PAUSE: For the past couple of weeks, I've been singing some of the old hymns in my time with the Lord. And this morning I was reminded of the one “God Will Take Care of You.” The story behind Civilla Martin's hymn is very powerful. It has the words “God will take care of you. Through every day. Over all the way.” It reminds me of David's words found in Psalm 37:19 where he writes “Even in a time of disaster, God will watch over them, and they will have more than enough no matter what happens.” Dear Papa, You will always take good care of me and my friend. And just like the old hymn says --- every day and all along the way. Thanks for always being there with Your open hand of provision. A

Holiness is Contagious

GOD PAUSE: When I read my Bible each morning, I don't want information or facts. I want --- and ask the Lord --- to reveal something of His heart to me. Today, He told me something very important about holiness in my life. It is contagious. I just read in the book of Leviticus that the holy priests ate the holy bread and then anything that touched them became holy. Everything. When you and I spend time eating God's Bread of Holiness, it becomes a part of who we are. And in turn, holiness infects and affects the world around us. Everything that touches or comes in contact with us. Dear Lord, let it be so in our lives today. Holiness infiltrating everything around us. Amen and amen.

An Enlarged Heart

GOD PAUSE: In Psalm 119:132, David asks the Lord for an amazing thing. He says “I will run with your commandments when you enlarge my heart.” David wants more of a capacity for God and His words in his life. To have an enlarged heart in a spiritual sense is a very healthy thing for you and me. Dear Papa, I crave the revelation of your commands. Break open your word within me until its light shines out. Your marvelous words are living miracles. When I truly receive their power, I won't allow sin to have dominion over me. And my heart will weep when I see your word broken in the world around me. So please, Lord, enlarge my heart. Amen and amen.

A Spiritual Magnet

GOD PAUSE: Right now in my morning Bible reading, I'm in the book of Mark. And I just love reading about the life of Jesus, don't you? I'm just amazed that even though He's often busy, He's never in a hurry. Mark 1:45 says “Jesus' growing fame prevented Him from entering the villages openly, which forced Him to remain in isolated places. Even so, a steady stream of people flocked to him from everywhere.” Dear Lord, there was such a magnetism about Your Son that drew people to Him. They needed His touch, His Presence. And you send me and my friend out into a very similar world today. We want to be Your magnet, too. Bring people across our path and into our lives that need You. And may we be r

The Best is yet ahead of You!

GOD PAUSE: The words of God --- specifically the Holy Bible --- is called wisdom. And Jesus is described as wisdom personified. Well, I was reminded this morning about the power of wisdom in your and my life. Proverbs 9:11 says “Wisdom will extend your life, making every year more fruitful than the one before.” Imagine that! Walking in the wisdom of God will give you and me a full and fruitful life. In other words, the best is yet to come. Your best year is ahead of you. Your greatest effectiveness and influence has not yet been attained. Dear Papa, thank You for Your wisdom. As we take it in and apply to our lives, we look forward to our greatest life yet. Amen and amen.

The Good, Enjoyable Life

GOD PAUSE: Every once in a while, God will give you and me a kind of “formula” or set of principles that work to help us really enjoy everyday life. I was just reading such a passage in Psalm 34:12,13 that says “Do you want to live a long, good life, enjoying the beauty that fills each day? Then never speak a lie or allow wicked words to come from your mouth. Keep turning your back on every sin, and make “peace” your life motto. Practice being at peace with everyone.” Dear Papa, that's a pretty tall order, so help me and my friend to live this out day by day, moment by moment. The challenge is truly one step at a time. But You go with us. And we enjoy the moment of today. Amen and amen.

Fromm Ordinary to Extraordinary

GOD PAUSE: “Good Morning!” to you! As you prepare to trek out into your day, I just want to say to you that you are no ordinary person. Oh to those around you, you make look pretty ordinary, but God says you are extraordinary. He describes you and me in 2 Corinthians 4:7 --- “We are like clay jars that carry this glorious treasure within, so that the extraordinary overflow of power will be seen as God's, not ours.” Because of your face-to-face meetings with Jesus, you carry His glory everywhere you go today. Dear Papa, may we ever be mindful of who we are and what we carry. Let your glory and presence shine out of us, changing the atmosphere and world around us. Amen and amen.

Life as God Intended

GOD PAUSE: God offers you and me something far greater and bigger than we can imagine. Life is meant to be so much more than just an existence of making a living, paying bills, raising a family and having a little occasional happiness here and there. Proverbs 8:34,35 says “If you wait at wisdom's doorway, longing to hear a word for every day, joy will break forth within you as you listen for what I'll say. For the fountain of life pours into you every time that you find me. And this is the secret of growing in the joy and the favor of the Lord.” Dear Lord, as we spend time listening at your feet, real life will pour into us. We want the life you offer and invite us to have. Let it be so. Ame

Jesus is so Real!

GOD PAUSE: The last thing I did last night was to pray for a dear family who just lost a precious loved one. So thankful that God is real to come alongside, feeling His comfort. Then first thing this morning I read of John's excitement about Jesus in I John 1:1 where he writes “We saw him with our very own eyes. We gazed upon him and heard him speak. Our hands actually touched him, the one who was from the beginning, the living expression of God.” Dear Lord, You are so real in our lives. We experience you on so many levels. Knowing and walking with you wasn't just something for the first disciples in the Bible. It's for me and my friend today. Thanks for being who you are in our lives. Amen

Led by a Loving Shepherd

GOD PAUSE: In our brief moment together right now, I just want to encourage you with this thought --- life is meant to be lived in tandem with God. He is calling you and me to simply stay close to Him, letting Him teach and guide us along the pathway ahead. Let's listen to our Father's invitation found in Psalm 32:9 “So don't make it difficult. Don't be stubborn when I take you where you've not been before. Don't make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with Me!” Dear Papa, You are our shepherd. And in Your great love, You lead us along step by step. May we not just hear you, but may we faithfully follow where You lead us. You know our hearts. And we want to live in tandem with You. Ame

Dressed Up & Ready to Go!

GOD PAUSE: Well, here we are --- ready to start out on a brand new day. And as followers of the Lord, we have a purpose. The Bible calls you and me a priest of God. And a priest was chosen to connect people with God and to bless them. That is who we are, my dear friend. Exodus 29:7 says “When he is completely dressed, pour the anointing oil over his head.” Dear Lord, just like Aaron in the Bible, I and my friend are your priest this day. May we go out completely dressed in your armor and anointed with the Holy Ghost of power. Let us connect people to You in some way. And bless them in Jesus' mighty name. Amen and amen.

It's All in His Hands

GOD PAUSE: I've been blessed over the years to hear and sit at the feet of powerful, godly preachers. And their messages and lives have had a huge impact on how I live today. I remember Dr. B. R. Lakin giving the illustration of Jesus holding us in his cupped hands, protecting and caring for us when the enemy slings his mud against us. I was reminded of that today when I read in Psalm 31:15 “My life, my every moment, my destiny --- it's all in your hands. So I know you can deliver me.” Dear Papa, you do hold me and my friend in your hands today. And every day. Every moment even. There's nothing the enemy can do to change that. What security we have in your loving care. Amen and amen.

Easy to Understand Bible

GOD PAUSE: I ask you a question this morning, but I also ask myself, too. How much do I value my Bible? And how do I approach it.? The more I value the Bible, the more my values change. Wouldn't you agree? Bottom line, is that God's words are meant to change how I live. And guess what? God's words are not hard to understand. I was just reading in Proverbs 8:9 where God says “All my words are clear and straightforward to everyone who possesses spiritual understanding. If you have an open mind, you will receive revelation knowledge.” Papa, may I and my friend truly value our Bibles. May we take your words seriously, causing our values to change. Amen and amen.

It Won't Last!

GOD PAUSE: Well, “Good Morning!” to you, my friend. I'm back at our more normal time again --- and I'm so glad, too. I was reading a Bible verse a few minutes ago that took me back to a very trying and very dark time for me. The season lasted for several weeks and I just needed to hear “a word from the Lord”.And this verse of Psalm 30:5 is what God gave me. It says “For His anger is but for a moment. His favor is for life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Dear Papa, help me and my friend to know that our pain, our tears, our dark time is temporary. It will soon come to an end. Your joy is right around the corner. And you are right here with us. Amen and amen.

Watch Papa!

GOD PAUSE: I hope you are doing well so far, traveling on this journey called “today.” Lately, I've been thinking a lot about our purpose --- yours and mine --- of living like Jesus. Letting Him shine out of our everyday lives. Then this morning I read in one of my devotional books about Jesus' method of operation, if we can call it that. He says in John 5:20 “The Father loves the Son and shows Him everything He is doing.” Dear Papa, our relationship with you is a Father-Child thing. Help us to cultivate such a closeness with You that we feel your nudging, hear you speaking to our hearts and sense your presence around us. We want to see you at work in our world --- and join you in it. Amen a