God's Unlimited Provision

GOD PAUSE: During my quiet time this morning, the Lord reminded me about His unlimited provision for my life --- and his unlimited avenues to do just that. Psalm 105:37 says “At last, God freed all the Hebrews from their slavery and sent them away laden with the silver and gold of Egypt. And not even one was feeble on their way out!” The Bible reminds you and me that Israel's story is meant to speak into our lives today. So Papa, we thank You for your unlimited ways of taking care of us. Help us to trust you to do that day by day. We choose to walk in your provision, no matter how you send it. Amen and amen.

God is Good for His Word!

GOD PAUSE: I remembering living in southwest Texas many years ago. There were a lot of cattle ranchers and sometimes they would “seal the deal” of a cattle transaction with just a handshake. Their word was their bond. Psalm 105:8,9 says the same thing about God and His promises. It says “For though a thousand generations may pass away, God is still true to His word. He has kept every promise he made to Abraham and to Isaac.” Dear Lord, You have given us so many wonderful promises. Promises that we can always count on. You are good for Your Word. So in faith, we believe and walk out on them. Amen and amen.

May the Walls Come Down

GOD PAUSE: I think that really knowing God is a life-long journey. And that His heart is that we all are on that journey. God is always faithful to draw people to know Him and have a personal connection with Him. But unfortunately we can put up barriers or walls between us and God. And we can make our own hiding places to stay away from Him. But I was reading a verse in Psalm 89:40 that says “You have torn down all my walls of defense and have made my every hiding place into ruins.” Dear Papa, may the walls come down between me and you. And may my hiding places be destroyed. And may that be so in the lives of those I love, too. In Jesus' mighty name. Amen and amen.

The Heart of God

GOD PAUSE: This morning, I was reminded of the heart of God in Psalm 103:9, 10 that says “You don't look at us only to find our faults, just so that you can hold a grudge against us. You may discipline us for our many sins, but never as much as we really deserve. Nor do you get even with us for what we've done.” You know, when we don't look into the Bible, God's autobiography, we will get a foggy picture of God's heart and character. Yes, God we deal with sin in your and my life. But he is also forgiving, merciful and kind. His heart is to reach out and restore. Dear Papa, we are truly thankful for who you are. Especially for your heart that reaches out to us. Amen and amen.

Your Inner Circle

GOD PAUSE: I want to share a verse with you today that at first might sound like favoritism. And in a way, I guess it is. You know, you and I have an inner circle of friends. And it is very important who they are in our lives. David talks about that in Psalm 101:6 when he says “My innermost circle will only be those whom I know are pure and godly. They will be the only ones I allow to minister to me.” Dear Lord, my friend and I know that our inner circle of friends really matter to us. They have such great influence on us. As we do on them. So help us to choose them wisely. And appreciate them much. Amen and amen.

Praise to another Level

GOD PAUSE: I was reminded this morning that it is healthy --- even biblical --- for me to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to worshiping and praising the Lord. Now, I know that worship is a very personal or intimate thing. And that it's not only a matter of the heart, but it is also a powerful spiritual weapon. I just read in Psalm 98:4 to “Go ahead, everyone, and shout out your praises with joy! Break out of the box and let loose with the most joyous sound of praise!” Now I don't claim to know what that would look like in your life. But God wants us to take our praise and worship to another level. Lord, help me and my friend to get out of the routine when it comes to worship. May we

You are Surrounded!

GOD PAUSE: I have always loved reading the stories about the prophet Elisha in the Bible. And today was no exception. When he and his servant were surrounded by the enemy --- and the servant was terrified --- Elisha says in 2 Kings 6:16, 17 to “Have no fear. We have more on our side than they do. O LORD, I ask You to allow my servant to see heavenly realities. The LORD awakened Elisha's servant so that he could see. This is what he saw: the mountain was covered with horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha.” Dear Lord, help us to see when we are surrounded by the enemy, we are surrounded by You. Amen and amen.

When Troubling Thoughts Come!

GOD PAUSE: If you are like me --- and I believe that you are --- your thoughts at times can really get out of control. Busy thoughts can overwhelm us. Worrisome thoughts can distract and conquer us. And fearful thoughts can paralyze us. So what can help you and me when thoughts try to take over? Well, David says in Psalm 94:19 “Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight.” Dear Papa, let it be so in our lives right now. As we spend time in your presence, our racing thoughts must bow before you. Amen and amen.

A Beautiful Way to Live Each Day!

GOD PAUSE: A very BIG “Good Morning!” to you, my dear friend! You and I are about the embark on a brand new day --- God's precious gift to us. And what we do with this day is our gift back to Him. Listen to what Psalm 92:2 says. “At each and every sunrise we will be thanking You for your kindness and your love. As the sun sets and all through the night, we will keep proclaiming 'Your are so faithful!” Dear Lord, how these words resonate in our hearts! We so thank You for the kindness and love you pour into our lives. And we continually speak about how faithful you are to us --- all through each and every day. Amen and amen.

The Next Generation!

GOD PAUSE: I am in a 3 year trek of reading through the book of Psalms. And I am amazed at the things God says to me each day. Psalm 90:16 is one of them. It says “Let us see your miracles again, and let the rising generation see the glorious wonders you are famous for.” Now, here's what I believe ---- my children and my grandchildren should experience more of God than I have in my life. God means for them --- the next generation --- to experience more of His miracles than what I have. So Dear Lord, let it be so in the rising generation. You take them further, deeper, more powerfully than we have ever been. In Jesus' mighty name! Amen and amen.

Praise Lights your Path!

GOD PAUSE: Well, right now I'm sitting in my backyard, smelling the fresh air of a brand new day and listening to the birding chirping their praises to God. A few minutes ago, I just read a verse from the Bible that talks about the power of praise. It says that your praise, my praise, actually lights up our path with God's light. Psalm 89:15 says “O Lord, how blessed are the people who experience the shout of worship, for they walk in the radiance of your presence.” Dear Lord, my friend and I thank you for the beauty and the privilege of giving you our worship and praise. And thank you for the light of your presence it shines on our day. Amen and amen.

When It Feels Hopeless!

GOD PAUSE: If you're like me --- and I think you are --- you've had times in your life when you've said “Well, all I can do is pray!” You know exactly what I'm saying. You are overwhelmed with the stuff of your life. It seems like a slow, painful death of some kind. And it seems as though God doesn't care and is silent about things. You feel like you're about to drown --- and those closest to you are not able or willing to help. These are David's exact feelings in Psalm 88. But what was his response to it all? Verse 13. “Lord, you know my prayer before I even whisper it. At each and every sunrise you will continue to hear my cry until you answer.” Dear Papa, all I can do is pray. But that's

Don't Straddle the Fence!

GOD PAUSE: Here's something that is guaranteed to happen in your life --- and probably a few times., if not many. The fact that you will need to take a stand for what it right. And you might be in the minority when you do. Or even stand all alone. But know this --- God will give you the grace to do it. And your taking a stand will have huge implications to people around you. In 1 Kings 18:21, when Elijah faced 450 false prophets he said “How much longer will you sit on the fence, refusing to make a decision between the Lord and Baal? If you believe the Lord is the true God, then follow Him. If you believe Baal is your master, then devote yourselves entirely to him.” Dear Lord, there is no ro

Don't Step Out of Love!

GOD PAUSE: The other day in a Bible study group, we were talking about a Bible verse that says our enemy, the devil, tries to mess us up by getting his foot into the door of our hearts. And one of those ways is for you and me to step or walk out of loving another person --- for whatever reason. Then this morning I was reading Proverbs 17:9 that says “Love overlooks the mistakes of others, but dwelling on the failures of others devastates friendships.” Dear Papa, I need to walk in Your love --- always. So I need Your help to do that. Love is far bigger and more powerful than the mistakes of others. Despite their failures, help me stay in love. Don't let the devil break down the friendship. Am

A Feast is Before You!

GOD PAUSE: A very BIG “Good Morning!” to you! Hey, have you eaten yet today? Well, I just finished a Saturday morning breakfast with a few guys that was so good. But I also read about a different kind of food, described in Psalm 81:16. “But I will feed you with my spiritual bread. You will feast and be satisfied with Me, feeding on My revelation-truth like honey dripping from the cliffs of the high place.” Oh, there is honey in the rock for you and me. It's found in our Bibles. Dear Papa, as my friend and I spend time reading our Bibles today, show us your revelation-truth we need. Speak life to us through your words. And with your Spirit's help, we will walk in what we hear. Amen and amen.

Walking in the Light of God's Face!

GOD PAUSE: We've been getting so much rain here in northern Ohio lately, it's wonderful to see the sunshine this morning. It's going to be a good day! You know, as you go through your day, keep in mind that God's light shines all around you. David says in Psalm 80:3 “Revive us, O God! Let your beaming face shine upon us with the sunrise rays of glory. Then nothing will be able to stop us.” What a powerful promise --- and an expectant way to walk through our day. So dear Papa, my friend and I thank you for your presence in our lives. It is all around us. We choose to walk in the light of Your face. May we feel your warmth and enjoy the blessing of you with us. Amen and amen.

Fighting FROM Victory!

GOD PAUSE: There are a couple of things to remember when we are in the thick of the battle. First of all, the enemy will come against us when we are doing the right things. When spiritual advancement or growth is happening. He simply doesn't like that. And when he does attack, it is usually from several directions or areas, seemingly at once. But what should we do? Know that God has a strategy. He has given us resources to put him to flight. But most of all, know this from 2 Chronicles 20:15. “The LORD says to you do not be afraid or worry because the battle is not your battle. It is God's battle.” Dear Lord, we do not fight FOR victory. We fight FROM victory! You have gained the victory at

The Wind of God's Favor!

GOD PAUSE: I want you to know that there is a wind that's blowing today --- in your direction. And it's not a wind of destruction or adversity. It's not a wind to somehow slow you down. It's the wind of God's favor. It's a wind that is bringing with it God's freshness and provision. It's a God-directed wind. Psalm 78:26,27 says “The heavenly winds of miracle power blew in their favor and food rained down upon them. Succulent quail quieted their hunger as they ate all they wanted.” Be blessed as you feel the wind of the Lord blowing. It may be a gentle breeze at first. But it will be bringing BIG things with it so get ready.

You Are God's Mighty Warrior!

GOD PAUSE: I was reminded this morning that God calls you and me warriors. Warriors are battle-ready. Equipped by the commander in charge. They are destined for victory. And I want to read a Bible passage found in Psalm 78:9,10 describing what a God-warrior looks like. It says “Take, for example, the sons of Ephraim. Though they were all equipped warriors, each with weapons, when the battle began they retreated and ran away in fear. They didn't really believe the promises of God. They refused to trust him and move forward in faith.” Dear Lord, you have called and equipped us. We are Your warriors. And in Jesus' mighty name, we go out today, believing Your promises and moving forward in faith

God Will Make a Way for You!

GOD PAUSE: Have you ever gone through a season in your life when you were too burdened to even pray? You felt empty and dry spiritually? Thinking that God had forgotten you? And to top it all off, you felt that it was somehow your fault? Well then, you are in very good company because David had those same feelings and he talks about them in Psalm 77. But he concludes in verse 19 by saying “Your steps formed a highway through the seas with footprints on a pathway no one ever knew was there.” Dear Papa, you will make a way where there seems to be no way. And you still have a path easily marked by your own footprints for us to follow. You will lead me and my friend forward by your loving hand.