Highway of Holiness

GOD PAUSE I am the Lord and beside Me there is none else. And even though I cannot be described or explained in a single sentence or word, there is one word that is paramount in knowing Me. And that is the word “holy.” When Isaiah had a glimpse of Me, He cried out “holy, holy, holy!” And because I am holy, I have called you --- and put you --- on a path of holiness. Yes, there are many who will not and cannot walk that path. But I give you the desire and ability to walk in holiness before Me. There are things you won't do and yes even places you won't go because of the standard of holiness in your life. But you are blessed because the path of holy living brings you close to Me and eventually

You Plan, But God Gets You There!

GOD PAUSE There is such a tendency --- even a mind-set --- that causes you to think you are in control of things. You are the one in charge of your life. So you go ahead and make all the plans you want. You make decisions and call the shots. You make plans for your future. But there is one thing missing in it all --- Me. Above and over it all are My plans, My desires and My purposes for your life. Whether you feel or see it or not, I direct your steps as you move your feet. And I choose the steps to get you where you need to be. So “Before you do anything, put your trust totally in Me and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3).

The Key to God's Glory!

GOD PAUSE I think of myself as a very simple person. And so it doesn't take a lot to satisfy or make me happy. And yesterday I was given a brand new Bible --- a fresh Bible to read and begin to mark up. And it didn't disappoint me this morning as I highlighted Proverbs 15:33 that says “The source of revelation-knowledge is found as you fall down in surrender before the Lord. Don't expect to see Shekinah glory until the Lord sees your sincere humility.” Dear Papa, thanks for the reminder. May I and my friend always be surrendered to You. And walk in humility, too. Oh how we want to experience Your glory in our everyday lives! Amen and amen.

God is Still There!

GOD PAUSE More than a few times you are too hard on yourself. When you go through those silent times, times in which you don't hear me as well or I seem far away, you become discouraged, confused and even defeated. But my chosen ones --- like Job and even David --- knew the same struggles as you. They both looked back on better days. Longed for them again. But I didn't chide or even correct them for it. I spoke to them. Deep inside. That's why my servant David said “So I say to my soul, “Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be disturbed. For I know my God will break through for me.” Then I’ll have plenty of reasons to praise him all over again. Yes, living before his face is my saving grace!” As I di

Your Far-Reaching Influence!

GOD PAUSE A very BIG “Good Morning!” to you, my friend. I want to encourage you today with this Biblical truth --- how you carry yourself and what you say has a big impact on people in your life. In every sense of the word, you do rub off on people. And that's a good thing. A very good thing. In his words to parents, for instance, Solomon says in Proverbs 22:6 to “Dedicate your children to God and point them in the way that they should go, and the values they've learned from you will be with them for life.” Dear Papa, help me and my friend to concentrate more on what we are becoming than on what we are saying. May our lives have far-reaching influence to those around us. Amen and amen.

God Feels Every Joy & Sorrow!

GOD PAUSE: Make no mistake about it, my dear friend. The God who created you is the same God who knows your deepest joys and most intimate sorrows. Try as they may, even those closest to you can't fully related to your pains or your joys. I was just reading Proverbs 14:10 that says “Don't expect anyone else to fully understand both the bitterness and the joys of all you experience in your life.” But there is a God who does know, who does feel and who does understand. Dear Papa, may I and my friend open up our hearts and lives to you. We need to connect with You in such a way that we do life together --- at the most intimate levels. We surrender to You and say “Come on in.” Amen and amen.

A Bedrock Truth about God

GOD PAUSE: There is something about Me that I want to go to the bedrock part of your life. So deep that it will never leave you. Always be a part of who you are. And it is this --- My glory, My presence will always protect you and be with you. My anointed one, David, once said “But in the depths of my heart I truly know that you, Yahweh, have become my Shield. You take me and surround me with yourself. Your glory covers me continually. You lift my head when I bow low in shame” (Psalm 3:3). Dear Papa, thanks for the reminder that You alone are our Savior. And we can always depend on your Father's help. Amen and amen.

Death is not the End!

GOD PAUSE: There will always be the skeptics, the doubters, even those who deny that there is life after death. But remember that it was my Son who plainly exclaimed “I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me, though he dies, will live again.” You look at any kind of seed. The plant and fruit it will produce is nothing like that seed. So it is when the physical body is planted. I remind you that “The dead body that we bury in the ground and the resurrection body that comes from it will be dramatically different” (1 Corinthians 15:38). Oh my dear friend, death is not the end. It is the planting. And a new resurrected body is coming. And a grand reunion day with it. See things

The Power of your Words!

GOD PAUSE: O my child, I have called you, I have empowered you to go out today --- every day --- to make a difference in your world. Don't draw back in a spirit of disbelief or feelings of inadequacy. See, I have put a supernatural power within you, in your mouth. It is your words. My words coming through you. I have said the “Anxious fear brings depression, but a life-giving word of encouragement can do wonders to restore joy to the heart” (Proverbs 12:25). People all around you struggle with anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness. Go out in the power I give you and speak the words from me. You make all the difference. My hand of favor rests upon you for the task.

Nursing an Offense

GOD PAUSE: Here's something that never ceases to amaze me --- even though it probably shouldn't. It is this --- the ways of God are always opposite the ways of the world around me. I was reminded of that again from a verse I was reading this morning, found in Proverbs 12:16. It says “If you shrug off an insult and refuse to take offense, you demonstrate discretion indeed. But the fool has a short fuse and will immediately let you know when he's offended.” Let's face it. We live in a world where everybody seems to be offended by someone else. And he or she will broadcast it. Dear Lord, help me and my friend live out in wisdom, guided and convicted by your words. May we not give in to the temp

I've Got Your Back!

GOD PAUSE: Sometimes you are like my disciple Peter. When I called him to get out of the boat and keep His focus on Me, he allowed his eyes to keep going back to the troubling waves. It was a truly back-and-forth battle for him. But like Peter, you are a learner, too. I am teaching you to stay focused on Me and trust me --- even when things look scary or challenging. I say to you that “Even in a time of disaster, I will watch over you and you will always have more than enough, no matter what happens” (Psalm 37:19). Not once has anyone who loves Me been forsaken. And neither will you. I am your safe place. Trust me to always have your back.

Knowing Your Season

GOD PAUSE: I really love the changes of the seasons here in northern Ohio --- even though I might love some of them more than others. And the Bible says that the Lord is the One who brings or causes the seasons. And the same is true in our lives. We all go through or experience different seasons. Proverbs 10:5 says “Know the importance of the season you're in and a wise son you will be. But what a waste when an incompetent son sleeps through his day of opportunity.” Dear Papa, help me and my friend to understand what you are up to in the seasons of our lives. Give us a sensitivity to what we need to know about them and what you are saying during them. Amen and amen.

God is Near

GOD PAUSE: I know it's hard sometimes to feel that I'm a God who is closer to you than even the next breath you take. Actually it's me inside you that gives you that breath. The distance you feel is often experienced because I haven't moved or acted in the manner you think I should. But I assure you that I am right there beside you. “Am I a God at hand and not a God afar off? Do not I fill heaven and earth?” (Jeremiah 23:23,24). I fill heaven and earth exactly as the ocean fills a bucket which is submerged in the ocean depths. Trust me when I say to you that I am so saturated in your life and in your circumstances today. You and I are inseparable. Rest in that and be blessed!

God Knows It All!

GOD PAUSE: You know, it's such an empty, dark place to be when you feel that you are all alone and that God doesn't really care. You and I have an enemy that loves to tell us such things. But there is a God whose words say the opposite. Even during his worst struggles, listen to what Job said in Job 23:10 --- “But God knows the way that I take and He pays attention to it. When he has tried me, I will come forth as refined gold, pure and bright.” Dear Lord, I certainly don't understand it all, but I do know this --- You are always right beside me. And you are doing something in me during the process. So I will rest in what I know and trust you in what I don't know. Amen and amen.

Come to God's Table!

GOD PAUSE: I want you to know today that God has prepared a huge banquet table that's full of his very best food. And you are all welcome to come and sit down to enjoy it all. It's the Table of Wisdom. And to feast at the Table means to take in God's wisdom or words and put them into practice in your life. Proverbs 8:11 even says that “Wisdom will extend your life, making every year more fruitful than the one before.” Dear Lord, my friend and I hear your invitation and so we come to sit at your Table of Wisdom. With the help of your Spirit we will your words into practice in our daily lives. Oh, how we thank you for your wonderful blessing! Amen and amen.

Looking into God's Heart

GOD PAUSE: “Good Morning!” my dear friend. How are you doing today? I hope at some point you will be able to connect with the Lord in some special way. I was just reading a verse in Psalm 34:18 that I love so much --- because it shows you and me the heart of God. It says “The Lord is close to all whose hearts are crushed by pain, and he is always ready to restore the repentant one.” What is it that causes pain to your heart right now? I want you to know that God moves into that pain. I pray you feel Him right next to you. And know this too. If you have wandered off from the Father, He is ready for you to come back --- with loving, open, welcoming arms. Dear Lord, be the Father to the broken

Inside Vs. Outside

GOD PAUSE: What an incredible journey it is to walk with the Lord, wouldn't you agree? And the good Lord gives you and me a book of ultimate wisdom, the Bible, to live by. Available for anyone and everyone. I was just reading Proverbs 8:5 where it says “Listen to me and you will be prudent and wise. For even the foolish and feeble can receive an understanding heart that will change their inner being.” Dear Papa, you are more concerned about who I am on the inside than what I do on the outside. Because the inside is what determines the outside. So help me and my friend keep first things first. May your words saturate and do its work in our hearts. Then we will walk them out with your help. Am

Learning the Hard Way!

GOD PAUSE: I just love to hear the stories of how people have come into a relationship with the Lord. And we all have our own unique background and set of circumstances that brought us to know Him, right? But now we are on the journey of following Him. And Proverbs 21:11 gives you and me a very important lesson about that journey --- to have a teachable heart. It says “Senseless people learn their lessons the hard way, but the wise are teachable.” Dear Lord, my friend and I have a lot to learn about following you. May our hearts be quick and open to hear your words. And pliable in your hands. Take the reigns of our hearts and lead us. Amen and amen.

The All-Sufficient Blessing

GOD PAUSE: This morning, I want to speak, to pray a blessing over your life --- one that the apostle Paul used in 2 Corinthians 13:14. This blessing covers it all. Everything you and I need in life, even right now. So I speak it in the authority of the name of Jesus. “The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” Heavenly Father, we thank you that today we have all your grace that we need. Your all-sufficient love embraces us. And the closeness of your Holy Spirit saturates and empowers us. Amen and amen.

Do It Often

GOD PAUSE: I want to share a Bible verse with you right now that is a good daily habit. It's found in Psalm 32:6. David says “This is what I've learned through it all --- all believers should confess their sins to God. Do it every time God has uncovered you in the time of exposing. For if you do this, when sudden storms of life overwhelm, you'll be kept safe.” Dear Papa, may my friend and I take these words seriously. When we stumble, when we sin, may we not run away from you, but may we run to you --- confessing our sins and experiencing your forgiveness. That way, the slate will be kept clean. Amen and amen.