Online Giving

Faith Memorial Church has arranged to provide online giving through Stewardship Technology, Inc.  Stewardship Technology provides a secure web-based electronic giving environment. We do not have access to your banking information, that information is retained by the service provider.


You have the option of giving via ACH transactions from your checking or savings account, via debit card, or via credit card. You will not be charged any service charge or fee by the church or by Stewardship Technology, Inc.


The church is charged a fee for the convenience and security of this service.  The fees we pay depend on the type of transaction.  ACH transactions are the cheapest.  Credit card transactions are the most expensive.


Although we would prefer that you use ACH or debit cards, we are reluctantly allowing the use of credit cards.  We do not want anyone to go into debt to make a donation or a payment to the church.  If you choose to use a credit card, we urge you to pay off the balance on a monthly basis.


Should you forget your user ID or password or have questions about this service, please


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