Our Worship Arts Department at Faith Memorial consists of the Sunday morning worship team, Wednesday night Axiom Youth worship team, Generations Praise Choir, and Technical Arts team.  The Technical Arts team includes a great group of people who help with the computers and sound boards.  We all work together for the common goal of communicating the truths of the Gospel through the creative arts!  Since God is a creative God and we are made in His image, we believe that we can create art and music that gives glory to Him.  We believe in doing all things with excellence.  Our worship at Faith Memorial is Spirit-led and not performance driven.  We are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and sometimes do songs that are not on the service guide.  We seek to be completely open to where the River of God is moving and to be obedient to His leading.  Our worship style is free, open, and sometimes even prophetic.  

In the Worship Arts Department, we also place a high value on raising up

the next generation of worshipers and worship leaders.  We have a

youth worship team on Wednesday nights for our youth group.  The vision
is to train these students and integrate them on Sunday mornings.   


On Sunday mornings, we have a Praise Choir that sings on the first Sunday
of each month.  Anyone who is in Jr. High School or above and has a passion
for singing is welcome to join the Generations Praise Choir!  Contact Andrea
Cottrill today if you are interested in sharing the joy of your musical gifts!

In our Worship Arts Family, we also believe in the importance of spiritual
formation and discipleship.  One way we do this is through "Heart School."  
We meet in the Prayer Room on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month for
fellowship (5:30 pm) and Bible Study (6-7 pm).  These classes are open to
anyone who is interested in growing deeper in their relationship with Jesus


We are also part of the Global Burn 24-7 movement to establish day and 
night worship.  We have 6-hour worship gatherings every other month.
Click the Burn 24-7 Sandusky, OH picture to be directed to our Facebook
page with specific dates and updates!

We are always looking to involve new people in our Worship Arts
Department!  If you have giftings in music, the arts, drama, spoken word,
stage design, the computer, the sound board, or any other artform, we would
love to talk with you!