• Ken Hiser

Just Passin' Through

GOD PAUSE: I just love the comfort and peace that comes when I read the Bible. And it also gives me a balanced perspective about life, too. Because the Bible is the holy and true word of God, I can trust what it says about this life and the life to come, too. I was just reading a prayer of David found in Psalm 39:4. He said “Lord, let me know my life's end and to appreciate the extent of my days. Let me know how frail I am, how transient is my stay here.” Heavenly Father, all of our days are in Your hands. Each one is a gift. And we are just passing through this life --- a journey to our destination. We are all meant for heaven. Help me and my friend to keep that perspective. So we'll be glad that we're on the journey with You. Amen.