• Ken Hiser

A Miracle out of the Mountain

GOD PAUSE: A mountain can seem to be such a formidable thing. Something that stands in your way. Stopping your progress. It's always there in front of you. And you can't get around it. There was a man in the Bible that knew very well what it was like to face a mountain. And the Lord told him that out of the mountain, He would make a capstone, a finishing stone of completion. Out of the mountain would come God's miracle. How could that possibly be? Well, God promised “Not by your own might nor by your own power, but by my Spirit' says the LORD” (Zechariah 4:6). So take heart, my friend. If the mountain in front you doesn't move, God will bring his finishing work out of it. Spirit of God, be released to do your miracle work in Jesus' mighty name!

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