• Ken Hiser

Come on In, Jesus

GOD PAUSE: There was a group of Jesus followers in the city of Laodicea that the Lord said had become lukewarm in their relationship with him. The city had an aqueduct that brought hot spring water into the city. But by the time it reached their community, the traveling water became tepid, lukewarm. Jesus reaches out to their lukewarm hearts by saying he was standing at the door, knocking to come in and spend supper with them. Supper meant an intimate, sit-down conversational time with Him. Heart talking to heart. Face looking into face My friend, that is what the Lord wants more than anything. Do we hear Him knocking? Are we willing to open the door. Will we spend the time with Him that is most enjoyable and needed? I say “Yes, Lord, come on in and let's sit down together.”

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