• Ken Hiser

He'll Be On Time

GOD PAUSE: A very BIG “Good Morning to you!” I was reminded today about my very first message or sermon so many years ago. It was on 2 Peter chapter 3. I was reminded about the fact that Jesus is coming again. And He's coming on time. According to God's calendar, not man's. And even though many won't believe it and be ready, God is still lovingly waiting for people to come to know Him --- before it's too late. The heart of God is that no one should perish, but that “everyone should turn away from following following their own path and turn toward His” (2 Peter 3:9). My friend, now is the time. Today is the day for you and me to be ready. And then go out and let the world know as well. Be blessed as you live in view of the return of the Lord!

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