• Ken Hise

Jacob Blesses Pharaoh

GOD PAUSE: Yesterday I was reading the incredible story of aged Jacob doing down to Egypt, being introduced to the ruler of the land, Pharaoh. Now, get the picture. Jacob is old. He's a sheep-herder. With a very small family. And Pharaoh is the top dog. Ruler of a mighty kingdom. He has it all. But here's the deal. The Bible says that Jacob blessed Pharaoh. It doesn't say what exactly Jacob said. Or the specific action he took. But Jacob blessed Pharaoh. My friend, you have the authority, the power, the position to bless others in your world. You are God's child. And God Himself puts you in places to do exactly what Jacob did. Bless who's right there in front of you. Do that today in Jesus' mighty name!

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