• Ken Hiser

God Moments

GOD PAUSE: There are what I call powerful “ah ha” moments with God. Times when God reveals or shows you something about Himself that you'll never forget. And it will change you deeply and for the rest of your life. Jesus tells Peter in Matthew 16:13 “Simon, son of Jonah, your knowledge is a mark of blessing. For you didn’t learn this truth from your friends or from teachers or from sages you’ve met on the way. You learned it from My Father in heaven,” Now, God revealing Himself isn't head knowledge. It is heart and life-changing encounters. The light comes on. And it changes the way you do life from then on. My friend, you are wired to experience God by these powerful spiritual insights. Father, like Peter, my friend in I need your revelation in our lives. Then we will never be the same. Amen.

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