• Ken Hiser

Hate and Love

GOD PAUSE: It's so good to connect with you right now. I look forward to it every day. When I was reading my Bible last night, God reminded me about the two most powerful forces in life. And you and I have both at our disposal --- hate and love. Proverbs 10:12 says “Hatred keeps old quarrels alive, but love draws a veil over every insult and finds a way to make sin disappear.” We are in control of which one we'll allow to flow through our lives to others. Papa, our world desperately needs to experience what love looks like. A love that forgives and buries the hatchet. A love that covers the wrongs and hurts caused by others. And it begins with us.. May we despise what hate has done to us and also to others. Oh Spirit of Jesus, saturate us and empower us to love like You do. Amen.

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