• Ken Hiser

God's Tender Mercies

GOD PAUSE: A mother's love is such a special love. David prays in Psalms 25:6: “Remember, O LORD, thy tender mercies and thy lovingkindnesses; for they [have been] ever of old.” The best description of “tender mercies” is the love of a mother for her yet unborn child --- a love not yet tested by rebellion or defiance or other painful hurts. But here's the most wonderful news of all. God DOES love you and me with tender mercies. He treats us as though we've never sinned or broken his heart. The sacrifice and blood of Jesus on the cross sees to it. As a mother's love before her child has ever sinned, God loves you and me after the fact of our sins. I say “Thank you, Lord, for your tender mercies.” I wholly rest on them. Always.

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