• Ken Hiser

The Wings of God's Promises

GOD PAUSE: Many years ago I heard a preacher say “Prayer is the key to heaven's storehouse and faith unlocks the door.” Now, that may not be a Bible verse, my friend, but I do believe it's very true. So what does our faith rest on when we do pray? Just yesterday, I was reading a wonderful picture God gives in Isaiah 45:23 about His promises. Here's what it says. “I make this solemn vow. I have spoken a word ---faithful and true --- and it will not return. It will be done. My words have wings. They will be accomplished.” To that I say “Hallelujah!” Every time my faith is founded on God's promise, it takes wings and flies --- the answer is already on the way! My friend, believe it and receive it. God can always be trusted to keep His word to you.

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