• Ken Hiser

Weak and Needy

GOD PAUSE: In the Bible, David is certainly a major player. I kind of look at him as “a man's man.” A strong mighty warrior type. Certainly a person who wielded power and possessing great influence. But David was also very candid about his own weaknesses and shortcomings, especially when talking to the Lord. I was just reading in Psalm 70:5 where he says “Lord, in my place of weaknesses and need, won't you turn your hear toward me and hurry to help me? For you are my Savior and I'm always in your thoughts. So don't delay to deliver me now, for your are my God.” Papa, we can relate so well to these words of David. So in our weakness and neediness right now, we come to you. We ask for your “right on time” help. And we thank you for it. Amen.

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