• Ken Hiser

You Hear Best in the Quiet

GOD PAUSE: Good morning to you! This morning I was reading about the early beginning of Saul's life before he became king over Israel. And he started off well. Why? Because he heard from the Lord in very personal ways. One of those ways God spoke into Saul's life was through the prophet Samuel. I Samuel 9:27 says “As they were going down to the edge of the town, Samuel said to Saul 'Tell the servant to go on ahead of us'. And the servant did so. 'But you stay here awhile, so that I may give you a message from God.” Papa, you speak best to us in times of aloneness and quietness. And you will say things to us through people who walk close to you. So, Lord, may our ears be open to hear. And our hearts ready to respond to what you will say to us. Amen.

(A good seed sower SHARES God Pause with others.)


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