• Ken Hiser

O Tent Dweller!

GOD PAUSE: At times in your life, you may feel like some kind of vagabond, a wanderer whose path ahead is uncertain or even aimless. But I do call you a tent dweller. But that is because this world is not you permanent place of residence. You're heading to the same Eternal City that your Father Abraham had his sights on. Have I not said that “In the tents of the righteous soldiers of God, there are shouts of joy and victory. They sing 'The right hand of the LORD has shown His power” (Psalm 118:15)? You are greatly blessed, O Tent Dweller. Rejoice in Me always. And let your mouth shout the victory that is always yours. My Presence fills your tent and even those who come inside will feel it too. Let's enjoy the journey of today as you and I travel together. --- God

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