• Ken Hiser

Boomerang Trap

GOD PAUSE: One thing that I know about God's will or direction for my life --- and yours --- is that it is always forward. Advancing. Always taking the next step ahead. And not looking back. But I also know there is an enemy who loves to set traps in our path to either slow us down or even defeat us. And sometimes our enemy uses people to dig those traps. But this morning I was reading in Psalm 7:16 where David writes “For you, God, will see to it that every pit-digger who works to trap and harm others will be trapped and harmed by their own treachery.” Dear Father, your path for us is secure and certain. We will move forward with You. And even though the enemy will set traps to harm us, they will boomerang to his own destruction. Amen and amen.

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