• Ken Hiser

Impulses of the Spirit

GOD PAUSE: I am so excited to go to church this morning because we'll be having what we call a Celebration Service. New members will be received into the family. Some babies will be dedicated by their parents. And some will be water baptized. Water baptism is a picture of what has already happened in the life of a new follower of Jesus. A new way of living has begun. Hallelujah! We become growing children of God, learning to hear and be led by His Holy Spirit within us. Romans 8:14 says “The mature (growing) children of God are those --- and only those --- who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit.” Papa, thank You for the dramatic changes You are making in my life since You came in to live. Help me to be guided by the impulses of Your Spirit every day. Always. Amen.

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