• Ken Hiser

Emptiness without God

GOD PAUSE: You know, I have made my share of mistakes in life. I have made poor decisions and gone down wrong paths. But I have really tried to learn from the mistakes others have made. I read for instance about Solomon's journey to find happiness and fulfillment in life. He tries so many avenues and still comes up empty. He says everything was useless and meaningless ---- until he comes to the end of his book of Ecclesiastes. He then concludes “Now, everything has been heard. Here is my final advice. Honor God and obey his commands. This is the most important thing people can do.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Dear God, help me and my friend keep the main thing the main thing. As we worship you by doing what you speak to our hearts, we will be fulfilled and have a meaningful life. Amen.

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