• Ken Hiser

Blessed to be a Blessing!

GOD PAUSE: I was just reading a little bit about the life of Joseph in the Bible. Let's just say he was going through a really rough patch. Suffered great injustice. In a spot where he didn't deserve to be. But here's the deal --- he was still blessed to be a blessing. Genesis 39:3,5 says “Potiphar could not help but notice that the Lord was with Joseph and caused everything Joseph did to prosper. From that moment, the Lord blessed Potiphar's house for Joseph's sake, a blessing which seemed to cover everything Potiphar possessed.” Dear Papa, my friend and I are blessed for a reason --- to bless those around us. Our lives are not about us. It's about Your purpose to bless through us. Help us to walk that out today. And every day. Amen and amen.