• Ken Hiser

GOD will pull it off!

GOD PAUSE: Be encouraged today, knowing that you are not alone in this thing called life. Actually, you are not equipped, nor are you expected to do be a “Lone Ranger.” There is a God who says to you and me in Psalm 37:5 “Give Me the right to direct your life, and as you trust Me along the way you’ll find that I pulled it off perfectly!” So, here's the deal --- give God the reigns, the controls. Then learn to trust Him day by day, step by step. And then watch as He miraculously does His thing. Dear Lord, I give you my heart and life ---- all of it. And I will trust You to direct me, step by step. And in that daily process, you will pull it off for me. As I do my part, I know you will faithful to do Yours. Amen and amen.