• Ken Hiser

It's Time to Believe Again

GOD PAUSE: The LORD would say to you that it's time to learn the lessons from your past. Lessons in how He's taken care of you in miraculous ways. Because of Him, you have passed through seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your way. Even when you have been cold and complaining, He has provided for you from His heavenly storehouse. He doesn't want you to be like “battle-ready” Ephraim that ran away in fear when things got hot. “They didn't really believe the promises of God. They refused to trust him and move forward in faith” (Psalm 78:10). So now is the time for you to get up, dust yourself off, grab hold of God's promises once again --- and move forward. The LORD is not only waiting for you to do that. He's also going to walk beside you.


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