• Ken Hiser

When God Does the Fighting

GOD PAUSE: At breakfast this morning, a friend reminded me that when I listen to the Lord, He will then fight for me and defeat my enemies. He was referring to Psalm 81:13, 14 where the Lord says to you and me “O that my people would once and for all listen to Me and walk faithfully in My footsteps, following My ways. Then and only then will I conquer your every foe and tell every one of them, 'You must go!” So what is the big enemy we are facing right now? I mean the one that's standing right in the way? God promises to do the fighting --- if we listen to Him. Dear Lord, You alone have the strategy for victory. Help me and my friend to listen with our hearts --- and then walk in Your ways. When we do our part, You will do yours. Amen and amen.