• Ken Hiser

Of Blessings & Battles

GOD PAUSE: It's so good to be with you and share this moment together! Just before I read my Bible, I pray for God to just show me His heart. And this morning I was reading in Joshua 17 about the tribe of Joseph not having enough land for their population in the Promised Land. So Joshua told them that they would have to take some of the forest area, cut the trees down and fight the enemy who had iron chariots. And I believe God wanted me to know that life --- certainly full of God's blessings and goodness --- will also involve fighting some battles, pushing back some enemies, and frankly facing some unpleasant circumstances. But God does promise the victories and His presence to be with us. Dear Lord, thank you the good things that are yet ahead --- and the encouragement and power to face the things in the way. Amen and amen.

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