• Ken Hiser

He Really Does Understand

GOD PAUSE: I suppose --- like me --- you have a favorite book of the Bible, right? Mine would be the Psalms. But I also love the unfiltered wisdom of the book of Proverbs. So much wisdom packed in a small section of the Bible. I was just reading Proverbs 14:10 that says “Don't expect anyone else to fully understand both the bitterness and the joys of all you experience in your life.” Now that's a pretty sobering thought. No human can fully know what your heart is experiencing. But here's the deal --- God does. He knows. He understands. And He is there to help you. Dear Lord you know it all. My pain. My anger. My bitterness. My grieving. My confusion. So my friend and I welcome Your Presence into it all. Be the soothing, healing ointment our hearts and live need. Amen and amen.