• Ken Hiser

Religion Left to Itself

GOD PAUSE: During my quiet time outside this morning, it was pretty foggy. Like me, you know the carefulness needed when driving in a fog. And sometimes we can be or get a fog spiritually. I was reading the wacked out story of Micah in the book of Judges. He actually created his our religion and lived how he felt he should. And the reason was because of a spiritual fog during his day. The Bible says “Every man did that which right in his own eyes, for their was no king in Israel.” Then I read about the spiritual fog in religious Nicodemus' life. He had a hard time grasping Jesus' words that “You must be born again!” Dear Papa, how me and my friend need You to guide us spiritually. Your words are true and will keep us on track. Even in the fog. Amen and amen.


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