• Ken Hiser

Out of Control Living

GOD PAUSE: I've just finished reading a really messed-up passage in the Bible in the book of Judges. It's like things are totally out of control in lives and the nation. There is a total lack of respect for others and their value in God's eyes. Unbelievable family dysfunction happens. “Getting even” is at an all time high. And why does it happens? Because God is out of the equation in life. Romans 1:28 says “And because they thought it was worthless to embrace the true knowledge of God, God gave them over to a worthless mind-set, to break all rules of proper conduct.” Dear Lord, my friend and I want --- yes, we need --- You in our lives. Without You and Your influence, life goes out of control. May we walk in Your words and Your presence. Amen and amen.


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