• Ken Hiser

Rise Up, O Lord!

GOD PAUSE: I pray that you have a day full of God's radiant light and warm presence. I was reading a couple of chapters in the book of Psalms this morning and I saw David emotions and thoughts swinging one way and then the other. He was euphoric about God's miracles and presence and then heartbroken at His seeming silence and uncaring attitude later. Maybe David was speaking about the raw ups and downs of his own life experiences. But he concludes in Psalm 44:26 by saying “Arise, awake, and come to help us, O Lord. Let your unfailing love save us from this sorrow!” Dear Papa, the bottom line is that my friend and I desperately need you. Right now. Because of you unfailing love for us, we ask you to rise up and help us as only you can do. Amen and amen.