• Ken Hiser

God of the Breakthrough

GOD PAUSE: I want you to know today that God is the only one who can bring a breakthrough in your life. So, what is your battle or struggle that is bigger than you right now? It is a relationship thing? Or an addiction that has a hold you can't shake off? Or maybe something of your past that won't let go? A problem that seems like it'll never go away? Whatever it is, the battle isn't yours. It's God's. When King David asked if he should go against the Philistines, God gave the victory. 2 Samuel 5:20 says “So David battled the Philistines and defeated them. He said 'The LORD has broken through my enemies in front of me like water bursting through a dam. That is why the place was named “The LORD who bursts through.” Dear Lord, let it be so in every life that needs a breakthrough today. Amen and amen.


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