• Ken Hiser

Don't Straddle the Fence!

GOD PAUSE: Here's something that is guaranteed to happen in your life --- and probably a few times., if not many. The fact that you will need to take a stand for what it right. And you might be in the minority when you do. Or even stand all alone. But know this --- God will give you the grace to do it. And your taking a stand will have huge implications to people around you. In 1 Kings 18:21, when Elijah faced 450 false prophets he said “How much longer will you sit on the fence, refusing to make a decision between the Lord and Baal? If you believe the Lord is the true God, then follow Him. If you believe Baal is your master, then devote yourselves entirely to him.” Dear Lord, there is no room for me or my friend to straddle the fence. With your help, we will take a stand. Even if no one else does. Amen and amen.


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