• Ken Hiser

May Fear Drive Me to God

GOD PAUSE During my quiet time this morning, I read the story of man --- a powerful king actually --- who was facing a seemingly insurmountable problem. The problem came out of the blue. And it put a choke hold on his life. He was terribly distressed, terribly upset. Fear griped his heart. He even sent for the preacher man, imploring him to pray for him. His thought was “maybe the Lord will notice” what is going on and help. But this king did one more thing. He took the threatening letter to God. Isaiah 37:14, 15 says “When Hezekiah got the written message, he read it. Then he took it to the temple, spread it out before the Eternal One, and began to pray.” Dear Papa, even though we get afraid and want to run, may we run to you. Even in our confusion and doubt, may we trust you to move in our behalf. Amen and amen.

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