• Ken Hiser

I Cherish You....and Your Heart

GOD PAUSE: I am the LORD your God and I cherish you deeply. Although you are my precious one, you are guilty of comparing yourself with others. At times you think you don't measure up to me in some way. Feelings of being inferior or unworthy. But I see and know your heart. Your heart is like that of my servant David who said of Me “Seek more of His strength! Seek more of Him! Let's always be seeking the light of His face!” (Psalm 105:4). It is in your seeking that you will find. Keep seeking for more of Me. Keep pressing in to Me. My Presence will be the light in which you walk, step by step. Yes, I will be with you, face-to-face. The sincerity of your heart is all that is needed. I will do the rest.

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