• Ken Hiser

Experiencing God's Glory

GOD PAUSE: I just love reading the Bible, don't you? And I'd be the first to say that there's a lot of it I don't understand. But I know this for a fact --- God talks to me when I do read it. Today is a good case in point. I was reading in Ezekiel 11:23 where it says “The glory of the Eternal arose from the center of the city and began to move east, stopping momentarily above the mountain to its east called the Mount of Olives.” God immediately showed me that His glory --- His power, His presence, His majesty --- would be seen where Jesus would often pray alone and with His followers. Dear Lord, my friend and I want to be where Your glory is seen. And that will be in those times we spend with You in prayer and settling into Your Word. Amen and amen.