updated October 10, 2020

Join us at Faith Church


Welcome to the Faith Family. There are a couple of ways to enjoy the Sunday Services.



Live Stream Sunday Church Service @ 10:30am:

  1. Youtube: youtube.com/myfaithhome

  2. From our Website: MyFaithHome.com/Watch

  3. Facebook: Please like our page facebook.com/myfaithhome


  1. From our Website: MyFaithHome.com/Watch

  2. YouTubeyoutube.com/myfaithhome and subscribe. You can watch here from any smart TV or streaming device.

Onsite at Faith & Kids Service:

Onsite Sunday Church Service 10:30am:

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the service.

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and enjoy the service online. 

  • Please keep your distancing by skipping a row between you and the family in front of you.

  • Please maintain good personal hygiene by washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and covering coughs and sneezes. 

  • Due to the Statewide Mask Mandate - Face coverings are required to attend.

For those who have asked about tithes and giving, you can do so here.


For any questions text us at (419) 664-4555

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